Can you write Lower Price to avoid or decrease import taxes

Yes, we will do our best to help you to decrease or avoid IMPORT TAXES.

You are always welcome to specify instructions for the waybill and invoice declarations on your order in comments box during the online checkout. Many customers ask us to declare the value below a certain value. You may ask us to declare the goods under $50. If your order value, items' type or quantity is suitable for a declaration under $50, we will do our best to help you. BUT, we have to say sorry that we cannot declare goods under $50 if your order value is much higher than $50.

If your items are banned by customs who ask you to provide invoice, it is extremely necessary for you to firstly ask us for help, or you would be subject to much penalty .
e.g. the declaration on the waybill is $100, but the invoice value is $400, you would be subject to much penalty such as $100, even more in some countries. We are not responsible for the penalty if you do not firstly ask us for help .Please remember that you are responsible for that if your items are blocked by customs due to the less value.

Note that we can't offer formal guidance on import taxes, but we will do our best to help you after you found out information about taxes in your own country.

As we know, items with declaration of more than $600 will be subject to import taxes in most countries. So we recommend the declaration should be less than $600.

You may wonder whether a particular declared value is deemed possible or not, you can place a test order and check out, then ask us for help via LIVE CHAT or Email. We will then give a reasonable declared value after checking your order items and your country.

So you must add comments about value declaration when you check out. Your order will be less declared and we do not bear any possible result by default if you do not add comments.