How much Import Tax, duty, tariff cost or VAT

We don’t charge any tax on your order.


But there may be IMPORT Taxes in your country, and no way for us to know exactly the Tax Rates. So we recommend following methods for you:

1. Please ask for help from LOCAL Couier such as DHL, UPS,FEDEX or TNT .

2. Please search  in Search Engine such as GOOGLE,Yahoo,Bing or other local Search Engine ,

3. Please ask for help from your firends who once imported goods from China,

4. please ask for help from LOCAL CUSTOM OFFICE.

In addition, we can help you to avoid or decrease tax by writing lower price. Please leave instructions(eg. $40) in the comments box during the online checkout process.

Please remember that you are responsible for that if your items are blocked by customs due to the less value/price.