How to cancel or change an order

If you just order the wrong item or like to change the models,  Please contact us ASAP.

If your package haven't been sent out, we will help you to change to the right one.

If your package has sent out, you can still go ahead with a new order of the right one. Then we will  refund money after we receive the returning goods from you in good condition.

There is no need to contact us to cancel an order which you have not paid for. We just treat it as a test order, pls don't worry, you are under no obligation.

If your order is more than a week old please note you may not be able to "reactivate" it by sending a payment, because the prices of the items may have changed as well as the shipping rates and currency conversions. You may need to cancel the existing order and repeat the processing with a new cart.


If you want to cancel an order you have already paid for, please contact us ASAP.

If you are uncertain about something in your order and wish to change the cart contents, please contact us ASAP so that we can put your order on hold, then you still have time to make changes.

If you want to cancel an order just because you want to ADD MORE products, BUT not DELETE the previous items, PLS just contact us, usually no extra fees.

If the order is in an early processing stage you may be able to change and cancel it. You can ask for a refund or keep your payment as a credit.