Overall Rating: 97.69%
Average Rating: 9.77/10
I take my 516 LED Handheld light on all my shoots. Great in a pinch for fill, back or eye-light. Ordering was easy and turn around was good. I would go with these folks again!
Great "Ice Light" Product! Many thanks -- placing another order!
Paul, worldcam
I forgot to give my feedback from my LED100WA-56 & LED200WA-56. Performance wise, these lights are great for what I need done. I'm not a seasoned photographer but these lights do well with WYSIWYG pics. Even my friend, who shot strobes for a long time, was pleased. A lot heavier and bulkier to carry to on-location sites but after setting up, it's a good investment in my opinion.
Noland Ugalde
Many thanks, I was very impressed by your service and incredible turnaround time, really pleased with the lights and will definitely be ordering from you again.
Matthew Pearl
Ordered: New 312AS Bi-Color Dimmable LED Video Light Kit

Very fast delivery! 2 days and it was there...

The only thing is that I missed the hot shoe adapter..

Mailed them and I am sure they will send it :)

The light feels good. not like the cheap ones.
The Barndoor is not of that cheap plastic but very solid metal..

Everything is in a nice bag.

I am very happy! and hopefully when the hot shoe adapter is here i can use it :)
The days are short here right now, so i need light very quick at the evening..

Rob from The Netherlands
Rob Jager

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