Overall Rating: 98.50%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
All the lights are very expensive in Spain. Also there are much taxes to import from other countries. I ordered a 300RS LED Light. Fast to arrive. I agreed the seller's recommendation to change to Standard Express shipping method. It's fast and saved many costs on taxes for me. They are responsible for customers.
In the past, i ordered several cheap led lights on Ebay. The lights were priced cheap. But they used the cheapest postal service. It's a long time to wait. It's so bad. I tried this store when searched from google with a cheap 160 light. It's free shipping. But i finally received the light after a week. It's fast, also cheap. So i placed two, and more orders here. There are several shipping methods for choice. You get what you need. Recommend.
I'm from Russia. The photographic lighting kits are very expensive here. Glad to find this store. I can order quality lights and pay much less. Also the shipping is fast. In fact, import goods to Russia takes much longer. The seller used best price/performance shipping method for me. They are patience for all my questions. Thanks. Became your loyal customer :)
Dave recommended me this store. I ordered two C-700RSV soft panels. The light is great. I'm very satisfied. It's free shipping. But we received via the fastest DHL. I used this lights for several months. And then ordered two more. Really a much to have. Give the thumbs-up for their service !
I'm satisfied with the quality of products and service. I received a problematic 312 led, not a big problem. They exchanged for me very fast and bear all the costs. The light is nearly the same quality as some big brands. Great experience. I will come back again.

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