Overall Rating: 98.50%
Average Rating: 9.85/10
I'm a loyal customer here. Nearly all my lights are from ILEDGear. They provided quality products and super great service. Also they provide the VIP prices for customers depending on the order's amount, easy to reach. I got the VIP prices. So it gave me many savings. They released many new products every year, much more professional and high level.
It's the first time to order here. I'm not familiar with this site. But they provided fast shipping and service. Also replied very fast. The light I got is quality and great. It's much cheaper than some branded lights, but keep high quality. I will be doing more business with them. Nice guys !
I take my 516 LED Handheld light on all my shoots. Great in a pinch for fill, back or eye-light. Ordering was easy and turn around was good. I would go with these folks again!
Great "Ice Light" Product! Many thanks -- placing another order!
Paul, worldcam
I forgot to give my feedback from my LED100WA-56 & LED200WA-56. Performance wise, these lights are great for what I need done. I'm not a seasoned photographer but these lights do well with WYSIWYG pics. Even my friend, who shot strobes for a long time, was pleased. A lot heavier and bulkier to carry to on-location sites but after setting up, it's a good investment in my opinion.
Noland Ugalde

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