Order FAQ

How to make an order not on our webstore ?

We prefer online order through our webstore. However, if you want to order in other ways, or have questions about ordering, please contact our customer service, or you can just send money to our Paypal account, then ask us to ship your item.

How to Check Order Status ?

We will email you the tracking number after we ship out your order.

You will also receive several emails from us about your order status untill your item is Delivered.

You can also log in your account on our webstore to check order status before shipping out.

You can also contact our online Customer Service Representative.

How to cancel or change an order ?

If you just order the wrong item or like to change the models,  Please contact us ASAP.

If your package haven't been sent out, we will help you to change to the right one.

If your package has sent out, you can still go ahead with a new order of the right one. Then we will  refund money after we receive the returning goods from you in good condition.

There is no need to contact us to cancel an order which you have not paid for. We just treat it as a test order, pls don't worry, you are under no obligation.

If your order is more than a week old please note you may not be able to "reactivate" it by sending a payment, because the prices of the items may have changed as well as the shipping rates and currency conversions. You may need to cancel the existing order and repeat the processing with a new cart.


If you want to cancel an order you have already paid for, please contact us ASAP.

If you are uncertain about something in your order and wish to change the cart contents, please contact us ASAP so that we can put your order on hold, then you still have time to make changes.

If you want to cancel an order just because you want to ADD MORE products, BUT not DELETE the previous items, PLS just contact us, usually no extra fees.

If the order is in an early processing stage you may be able to change and cancel it. You can ask for a refund or keep your payment as a credit.

What Does My Order Status Mean ?

Here are all the different order status, and you will find the explanations below:

Payment Received
Payment Confirmed
Payment Reviewing
Shipment Picked Up

Every time you checkout an order at our webstore, an order number is created for you.

If you decide not to pay for an order you've checked out, you don't need to do anything - it will just automatically expire later.


This means that you have placed an order successfully,but we still have not received your payment.(you may have paid your order by western union or Wire Transfer,but it will take some time to confirm your payment and update status.Generally we can confirm Western Union payment in 24 hrs in working days; If you pay by Wire Transfer,It will be a little slower, normally it will take up to 4 to 7 days to transfer money to our bank account.)

Payment  Received
This means we have received your payment. Your order will be handled according to our standard procedure.

Payment Confirmed
If you pay your order by Paypal, It means that we have verified your payment. If you pay by Western Union or
Wire Transfer,it means that the payment information you offered is all matched, we have the money.

Payment Reviewing
This means there is some problems with your payment,Our cusotmer Service staff will contact you for details .

This means we are processing your order. We are gathering all the products you ordered together and check the quality,making sure they function well.

We are packing all the products properly and will follow your instructions to label tha package or customized invoice well.

Shipment Picked Up
This means we have sent out your order. You will receive an email from viwolf including tracking number and links. You can also log in your account to check with the status.

This means your order was delivered sucessfully.

Contacting Customer
When we handle your order, there may be some unexpected issues, e.g.you ordered a piece of jersey but forgot to tell us which size you want. If you find your order is in such status,please check your email or phone,we may had contacted you but failed. We also suggest you go to our HelpCenter to submit a ticket, it's easy to slove this matter.

The order in this status will be irremediable and useless.The most possibility is that you asked us to cancell an unpaid order.

How to Add items to my order ?

Yes, we can add items to your order before shipping out your package, Please contact us ASAP after your order because we usually ship out your order within 24 hours.

For any other questions, just feel free to contact us service@led-video-lights.com