shipment cost

Q:  Hello, I've order some goods under Order #: 2012012101395214 and payed via PalPay. As you can see, the amount I payed was including shipment. Today DHL was here to hand over the goods but want to have shipment payed. Because I did not pay, they did not hand it over to me. Could you please clarify and advice what to do. 

A:  really sorry to hear that!

We don’t charge any tax on your order from Led-Video-Lights.COM.  But there may be IMPORT Taxes in your country, and no way for us to know exactly the Tax Rates. what we can do is declare lower price on the invoice for you to decrease or avoid custom tax.

we declared $90 and describe it as "led light kit" on the invoice for you to decrease or avoid custom tax. your country custom is very strictly for import packages. if we order items from germany, we will need to pay for the tax, because it depends on custom rule. hope you understand!

so pls pay for the tax in local. Thanks for your understand.

Q: yeah, it was tax... pretty expensive about 33% of the value declaired ...
however, delivery was pretty fast and the items are real good quality, working great for video an foto. Guess I'm going to order some more of your offers.

A:  really thanks for your understand! we are glad you like our items. Welcome back!