Tried to place an order but no info from you

I had placed an order to pay via paypal. After giving all the details of CC, i was directed to pay pal site, where i created an account. Later verified my account for my limit as per there instructions. But i got following Messages from paypal:

"1. Your recent payment was declined as you've hit your initial PayPal sending limit of $500.00 USD.

2. Hello Rajiv Bedi, Congratulations! Your withdrawal limit has now been lifted. You can now withdraw unlimited funds from your PayPal account.

3.But till now i have not received any confirmation from you regarding my order. Kindly comment. "


1. Paypal declined your payment due to sending limitation of $500.00, that is, your payment can not exceed $500.00 .

2. Withdrawal limit is different from Sendig limit.

3.Your order was not completed, so please place a new order. sorry for that.